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Reference Sites


heading encyclopedia

Glossopedia an online encyclopaedia designed for 7-12 year olds.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Features complete Encyclopaedia Britannica online.  Includes Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus.
Fact Monster Includes dictionary, atlas and almanac.   Some short entries on Australian topics.
MacquarieNet An online encyclopaedia to all things Australian
MSN Encarta Online access to Encarta encyclopaedia, dictionary and thesaurus
heading atlas  
Where is Search for Australian maps or get instructions on how to reach a destination
Wilkins Tourist Maps Maps and information.  Australian places.
Expeditions Atlas National Geographic maps to interact with or to print.
heading general ref  
Australian National Botanical Gardens Search for information on Australian plants
Governments in Australia Gateway to governing bodies in Australia
Biographical Dictionary Over 28,0000 notable men and women.
Flags of all countries Flags in alphabetical order
Population Clock Shows Australia's current population Find out about symbols, their meanings and their histories.
Time and Date Find out what time and date it is in any part of the world
Today's Birthdays Short biographies for people celebrating their birthday today.
World Religions Sacred texts of world religions
Your Guide to Religions of the World BBC Site which explains Hinduism, Buddism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism