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Welcome to Kindergarten. Watch our Welcome Video!

Welcome to Kindergarten at Ballina Public School.

Here you can find all the information you need about Kindy at Ballina Public School.

Here at Ballina Public School we pride ourselves in our small Kindergarten classes with a maximum of 20 students in each class. Smaller classes enable students to engage in more hands-on learning, individual attention, increased participation and better communication between the teacher and students and their families.

Behavioural Expectations

Starting school is an important time for both your child and yourself. Children make many changes when they start big school. Your child will need to get used to:

  • The physical environment of a classroom
  • Following rules and expectations 
  • Sitting to listen to a story
  • Taking turns and caring for others
  • Following instructions
  • Walking in a line
  • Wearing school uniform
  • Staying at school all day
  • And importantly, building relationships with teachers and other students

Student Buddies

To help your child’s positive move into big school we want to develop their sense of belonging. To do this the Kindergarten teachers have carefully selected a year 3 or 4 student to be your child’s Student Buddy. The buddy and your child will develop a trusting friendship during the Kindergarten Orientation, setting them up for a successful partnership for the beginning of their Kindergarten year.

Personal Development

You may be worried about the skills your child is bringing to school such as their social emotional, learning, creative and physical skills and their independence. All children will come to school with their own skills and strengths and at school we will continue to build on these skills and strengths to develop your child into a confident lifelong learner.

Class Placement

The Kindergarten classrooms are arranged so that there is a mixture and balance of boys and girls.  We also consider recommendations from pre-school teachers regarding suitable combinations of children. At Ballina Public School your child will be taught by a highly effective and experienced teacher who has a sincere and genuine enthusiasm for children and their learning.

We look forward to meeting you and being part of your child’s learning journey. - Mrs Stephanie Whalan. Relieving Assistant Principal, Early Stage 1 and Stage 1.

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