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Library Information

library information


The Ballina Public School's Library serves students and teachers. The main focus of the Library is to encourage a love of reading and to broaden reading choices in students. Students are encouraged to request book titles they would like introduced to the library. These titles are then sourced and purchased. The Library houses a good range of non-fiction, fiction and junior fiction texts, magazines and on-line resources. Titles relevant to the teaching needs of staff are also stocked.

Opening Hours

The Library is open to students during lunch and recess each day to relax, play chess, complete jigsaws, work on computers or even read!   Students may also borrow or return books at recess Monday to Thursday.

Student Responsibilities

Students are to stick to normal school rules in the Library.   During lunchtime there is an emphasis on enjoyment of activity, so some noise is acceptable.

Kindergarten: May borrow one book per week

Years 1 - 6: May borrow two books per week.

Overdue books will result in no borrowing until books are returned.

There are no fines for overdue books, however, lost or badly damaged books will need to be replaced.

Library Bags are always encouraged to protect books.  A suitable library bag is one that offers protection to school books.